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Our belief is that every agent has a unique combination of strengths. Waldrip Properties encourages you to concentrate on what you’re good at and enjoy, then assist you with proven strategies to help you build a strong real estate business to reach the success you deserve.

Waldrip Properties is structured so that agents who are willing to apply strong effort toward their real estate career will meet success. We are committed to help you be the best real estate professional you can be.

  • Established Name Recognition

  • Innovative environment

  • Competitive compensation

  • Proven Strategies for Success

  • Opportunities in different real estate niches



The Waldrip Properties Advantage

Established Real Estate Name Recognition


The Waldrip advantage means added value for your business. Our established name recognition will benefit you as a real estate professional. Waldrip Properties prides itself on integrity and is well-respected in the community. Our history of success dates in the Gainesville, Hall County, Georgia area back to the 1970’s. Waldrip Properties established Real Estate Name Recognition will be a real advantage to your career.

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